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"A meditation and a manifesto."      Brian Selznick and David Serlin

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Lochlann Jain's drawings are playful, wry, charming, and strangely, even a little profound.

Barry Blitt

Pulitzer Prize Winning Cartoonist


Jain, with clever wit, has done the nearly impossible—taken apart the very category of classification. In this masterwork of graphic philosophy, metaphor elides with the literal as the basis of sorting and sense-making. With deft economy of means, Jain manages to take a topic that has puzzled many great minds and make its conundrums and complexities amusing for us all.

Johanna Drucker

Breslauer Professor at UCLA, historian of graphic design and an internationally renowned book artist.  


Løchlann Jain elevates the list format into no less than a cabinet of curiosities with juxtapositions that amuse, disgust, inform, and break your heart, maybe all at the same time. You will never look at a hippo or a pair of lips in quite the same way again.

Lisa Brown, New York Times bestselling illustrator, writer, and cartoonist.

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Lochlann Jain, Introduction and "What Things Mean."

Maria McVarish, "Various Things."

Elizabeth Bradfield, "'Natural' Collections."


Drew Daniel, "Things that What?"

Related Publications


Jain, L. "Binomial Nomenclature,” drawings published in Public Books, March 2016.

Jain, L. “Things that Art,” Anthropology and Humanism 43(1), Summer 2018: 6-20.


Jain, L. “Graphic Poesis: Drawing things Together,” Commoning Ethnography, 4(1), Dec. 2021.


Jain, L. “The Lung is a Bird and a Fish,” in Sovereignty Unhinged: An Illustrated Primer for the Study  of Present Intensities, Disavowals, and Temporal Derangements, edited by Deborah Thomas and Joseph Masco, Duke University Press, 2022. (essay, original drawings, and book cover illustration).



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Lochlann Jain
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